what is digging up my potted plants at night uk

We live at the end of a cul-de-sac and on the other side of our garden fence is a lot of fields etc (that I would have expected to be inhabited by foxes and badgers - there are woods nearby but they are a 10 minute walk away through the fields). That’s because the ground retains moisture much better than a potted plant does. Your pets could potentially get into the poison and it may kill them. Lee Morgan is a fiction writer and journalist. That is why all my pots of newly planted with spring bulbs in are covered over with chicken wire. I first thought the holes where caused by another animal but as I've seen squirrels running up and down the trees in the area and other fences I have decided it is squirrels. Think, clods of earth and whole primulas uprooted. I shall have a look into it. Potted plants are especially vulnerable to having their soil dry out from heat, so they need some extra attention when watering. Putting up a fence may be the best way to keep larger pests out of your garden at night. But check with your local animal control to find out if animal relocation is permitted in your area. there not proper holes all the time just Lil dig bits. But they wouldn't be looking for bulbs - just worms and the like.Did you sprinkle anything like bonemeal or BFB on that area that may have attracted them?I get the occasional badger doing some digging in the lawn, they can do a lot of damage as they're so powerful. Birds dig up flower pots looking for food. Burrowing rodents will feed on your plants, turn up dirt and damage the roots. If you notice holes in the soil around your plants, and dirt on the floor, a mouse or two may have set up home in the soil beneath your plant. Foxes smell Larger animals require the use of live traps. After hauling home bags of potting soil and planning and planting a container garden worthy of a two-page spread in a gardening magazine, waking up to a series of 4-inch holes in the potted soil can be maddening. I also got my husband to 'water' some of the area near the fence as I read that the sent of another creatures urine would put off a badger from entering. It stopped them and she had no more trouble. I went out to the backyard today and noticed that something has been digging holes in the yard. i put the dog in the garden every morning n most mornings i notices that my plants are being dug up at night time n i doe no what it is. Her Neighbour was feeding them. I want something safe for the plants that will deter the critters from being so destructive. You typically have to cut the mesh to allow for plant stems, but it forms a barrier just below the soil that animals will be unable to penetrate. frustrated , Sep 9, 2005 #1 Quote in Conversation Something is digging up my newly planted gardens at night Tue May 26, 2015 5:12 am I planted 8 tomatoes today and just went out to check and one was uprooted completely and there was a big deep scratch near another plant - even a container with dirt on the portch had something digging … Poison is an option if you wish to kill the pests that are digging in your garden overnight. They love my sphaerocephalon alliums... Log in or register to join the conversation. what is digging up my new plants? This will not stop the digging immediately, but animals are somewhat intelligent and will realise it, potentially abandoning plans to eat your plants and going elsewhere to easier targets. Earlier this year I woke up several times to find that in the front garden something had dug up most of my tulip bulbs (when they had been flowering). They haven't been back since. I would think squirrels. When you wake in the morning and pour your first cup of coffee and stroll out to the porch to admire your garden only to see a varmint has been digging up your plants while you sleep, it can get your day off to a bad start. This will work well for skunks, possums, raccoons, rabbits and other larger animals. I will do my best to seal up the area but it's going to be tricky. Use chicken or mesh wire with openings no larger than 1 inch to prevent the animal pests from entering. While keeping beautiful flowers and herbs right outside your door is an inviting prospect to many people, sparrows, robins and other birds find the prospect inviting as well and oftentimes dig up flower pots on decks in search of seeds, worms and other types of food. I think they are burying nuts although they're not burying just digging and I've found no nuts/acorns. Their worst - but most amusing habit is digging up my daughter's dog's buried treasure, usually a mini jumbone. It/they come(s) at night and digs long furrows in the grass, up to 50cm long and 10cm deep. Skunks forage with almost surgical precision, digging up grass and making cones of soil where they find their meals. I've just come on here to see if anyone knows of a squirrel deterrent - I'm about to give mothballs a go. Use a mesh fence with holes no larger than an inch and bury the fence a few inches in the ground to keep animals from digging under it. This happens in areas We have blocked everywhere that badgers could enter but sadly the lawn has been ripped up again - so cross as it was looking lovely. I wait with trepidation for the spring! i only have a lilll yard so i don't no what to do. Fence your garden or mulched flowerbeds as a barrier to stop animals from digging in mulch and flowers. Looked very similar to the problems you are having. The digging isn't round the front of the pot but near the back, between the rose and the wall Sometimes the earth is scattered all over the decking (out of the pot).

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