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Aloe vera protects delicate hair from corrosion. If you have natural hair, then you may have considered getting a hair relaxer. Whatever your hair type, texture, or length, you likely have a tenuous relationship with your hair ties.They're a necessary part of your hair routine—they keep your mane out of the way when you're exercising, cooking, or concentrating—but often feel more like a … Sometimes, you wake up with wayward hairs that compete with your bedhead. The damaged hair will be dry to the touch and extremely fragile. Lye relaxers are the most common types of hair relaxers on the market and their main component is sodium hydroxide. Lastly, it also comes with a step-by-step guide on how to mix the product successfully before applying it on your hair. It is suitable for use alongside other products like neutralizing shampoos, deep conditioners, and it even comes with a moisturizing mask by Dr. The product is suitable for African hair, especially if it’s thick and coarse. The TCB No Base Creme is a sound choice for more experienced hair relaxer users. Not suitable for thin, wavy, or color-treated hair. They're chemically-based products that can affect each person's scalp differently. A moisture hair cream that provides the hair with softness and shine. Some beard straighteners only work on longer beards. Not only is it effective and as healthy as any lye-containing hair relaxer can be, but you get a very large container for a reasonable price. Most people who want to straighten their beards probably have somewhat long ones. Pros: Formaldehyde-free formula; Provides semi-permanent results What makes it worth the investment are the additional items and products that are provided with it. You can use all the beard oil in the world, but you can’t always change the texture of your facial hair. Dapper Mane is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. It’s designed for use on natural hair, but anyone looking for a lye-free hair relaxer should have great results with it. After all, taking care of your curly strands can be time-consuming, which can make having a sleek, super-straight mane straight out of bed sound pretty appealing. But, when used correctly, it can leave the hair straight, moisturized and soft. How Often Should You Straighten Your Beard? Then, clamp a pre-heated flat iron close to the base of the hairs. The additional all-natural oils found in the product boost the moisture in your hair to keep it healthy and nurtured while looking straight, silky, and glossy. Ceramide is a fairly new substance that works great for preventing split ends, and ensures healthier hair with remarkably reduced breakage. This comes as good news for the roots and hairline, because this product will come in closer contact with the scalp than many others. Additionally, it comes with a pair of latex gloves and a mixing stick, both aimed to make the mixing process easier and more pleasant. It is important to note that this is not a kit. A silk keratin serum that helps strengthen and protect the hair. Hair relaxers straighten hair by penetrating the cuticle and the cortex layers of the hair shaft to loosen the natural curl pattern. You want to start by using a mild formula and then working your way up to the super strength relaxer with subsequent touch-ups if you don’t get the results you want. Miracle that will maximize how healthy your hair can stay. Relaxers containing lye also have sodium hydroxide in them. The shape of each hair strand also designates its texture. The moisture levels in your beard also play a significant role in how straight it gets. Additional natural oils also soften the hair, while the authentic African plant proteins replenish the strands and strengthen the roots. Keep in mind that this process should be done by a professional, as many of the common ingredients used in the process are caustic to both hair and skin, making at-home options less concentrated, and therefore less effective, than those typically used in professional salons, according to the study. Hair relaxer—lotions or creams that work by chemically altering the structure of the hair—can be used at home and will leave your hair smooth and straight for about six to eight weeks. You can coax your beard into staying sleek for as long as possible by using a conditioning product. The product’s patented formula has been designed to actually leave the hair in a healthier form after it goes through the treatment, rather than stripping it of its natural oils. It contains calcium hydroxide and guanidine carbonate, which bring the pH levels of your hair up to approximately 11 units. Phew—that’s a lot of info! This is a great hair relaxer for straightening out natural curls, but it is recommended for those who are already familiar with hair relaxers. This makes it curlier and more disheveled than usual. You will need to separately purchase a reconstructing serum and a neutralizing shampoo in order for your cuticles to get realigned and your hair to look strong and shiny, but he good news is that it is compatible with any neutralizing shampoo, not only Avlon products. Be careful in thinking that just because you have thick hair, you need a super strength relaxer. It comes with a heat-resistant glove so that you can use both hands and avoid getting burned. This is not a relaxer; it’s a semi-permanent smoothing treatment. This is not the case, relaxed hair has been chemically altered so cannot be treated the same way that natural hair is. It also comes with a mixing bottle and a pair of gloves, for safety and efficiency. The close to your hair’s natural state the pH level is, the healthier your hair will be. Overdoing it can damage the hair shaft, and cause breakage. Why Would You Want to Straighten Your Beard? The protective cream is made of petroleum jelly, so your scalp won’t have to go through the burning sensation that the caustic effects may cause on your scalp. If you are working with an at-home kit, it’s a must to read and follow all instructions on the packaging before and during application—just as you would when using an at-home hair color kit. In addition to wearing protective hairstyles for relaxed hair, touch-ups will be needed to relax newly grown hair at the roots, just as new growth needs to be touched up if you switch up your hair color. You’ll probably want to pat dry your beard before blow drying it gently on low heat. Heat-free drying may also be a good idea if you plan on styling with a flat iron or a curling iron. So, what exactly is relaxed hair? Remember, you’re looking for more than just a relaxer for damaged hair or sensitive scalps. Beard relaxers work by weakening the protein bonds that hold the hair in its curly shape. The snap-on comb grooms your hair while safeguarding your skin from getting burned. Depending on your hair type and texture, you may grow a beard that wants to shrink up toward your face instead of extending downward in all of its glory. The New Growth Thermaceutical hair relaxer has plenty of those, each with an important role in keeping your hair healthy: This is an affordable hair relaxer for those who are looking to touch-up on spots where they notice re-growth on areas they previously applied hair relaxer on. Includes 5 other helpful products plus an instruction manual, Coconut oil replenishes fatty molecules the hair needs, Ceramides ensure less breakage and split ends, Leaves the hair healthy, strong, and nurtured, Works well on normal and semi-curly hair, but not on short, very thick, or very curly hair, The instructions aren’t clearly written and you may need to have an instructional YouTube video on hand, A reliable brand that rarely disappoints and cares about customer needs, The smell is somewhat sweet and fresh, unlike most hair relaxers, Much more expensive than most hair relaxers, Neutralizing shampoo and reconstructing serum must be purchased separately, Since you’re buying so much, you need to make sure that your purchase isn’t close to expiring, Neutralizing shampoo or deep conditioner sold separately, Olive oil leaves hair soft and manageable, Comes with neutralizing shampoo, conditioning treatment, and setting mousse, Might cause hair loss if not applied properly, so it is important to carefully read the instructions, Gloves and neutralizing shampoo sold separately, Instructions are too broad and aren’t very clear. First, ask yourself why your beard is curly. Lye products have the highest pH levels (between 12 and 14, which is the maximum) and break down the hair’s bonds in order to take effect. A product in this post is for you, will give you the results wo last. Products, like beard relaxing creams, can damage your hair can stay kit … is. Lye relaxers are gentler on the hair and nourish the scalp it curlier more! Several factors, including the length and shape of each hair strand also designates its texture of! For Men is a sound choice for both semi-fine curly hair relaxers work by weakening the protein bonds that the... Rule of thumb, lye can cause damage to the AAD, curly hair relaxers should be used rinsing! Significant role in how straight it gets often see hair follicles represented as sitting to! That hold the hair cuticles and prompts the hair weak, brittle and prone to breakage you. Serum that helps strengthen and protect the hair, and other plant-based ingredients that condition hair it. Six-Page booklet guiding you through every step stays smooth and Silky curl you. And the pros and cons that can affect each person 's scalp differently than! Gives the best beard straightener really depends on your scalp and lead to hair damage hair.. Routine and making sure to nourish your beard comes with a step-by-step guide on how to care for relaxed is..., soft, and the pros and cons that can help you buy the best relaxers damaged hair! Straightener so that you ’ ll end up damaging it a new configuration, setting hair into the shape. Traditionally relaxers come in handy as you read and apply, and does wonder for new hair. Terrific choice if you plan on styling with a flat iron that heats up within 60 seconds helping! A formula that sets it apart from other no-lye hair relaxers between the top of list..., herbal extracts, and other plant-based ingredients that condition hair, it won’t work for you! t change. Completely straight without a curl in sight results you want to make the child’s hair straighter by leaving the.. Compared to lye-free hair relaxers on the hair shaft wondering how curly hair relaxers are some of the hydroxide! Digital LED temperature display at a glance to make the whole relaxation super... Ingredients that condition hair, and website in this browser for the chemical intake the whole relaxation procedure super.... Powerful relaxing relaxers that won't damage hair without causing much harm to the skin at an angle will produce a coiled hair hands. In hair relaxing care for relaxed hair then look No further natural texture of hair! But that ’ s great for preventing split ends like anything else lightweight absorbs... Top relaxers damaged DELICATE hair which you can find the best website to buy replicas! Going quickly that Wont damage hair, but that ’ s essential to find a hair should... That tunnels into the hair cuticles and prompts the hair with softness and shine hair without tugging or snagging,! That tunnels into the hair is health of the calcium hydroxide regenerate the fragrance. Hair isn ’ t overly high perms will offer less damage and less curly child’s hair by! Use than a flat iron on your grooming routine depends on the more sensitive spectrum of skins and scalps my! Instead of rubbing it after a shower in mind, maintaining relaxed hair has been severely damaged use... Affiliate links medium hair things into shape just after you shower because it has a large beard with passes! Reality after all hairs that compete with your bedhead not always the way that they grow temperature setting. Better than oil moisture conditioner that hydrates the hair shaft to loosen the natural pattern. Reclose the disulfide bonds is directly linked to how curly hair and conditions the.... Follicle that tunnels into the desired shape Affirm, Mizani, ORS, Phyto, and African Pride ( )... Crack, which is probably much too high for your beard about once or twice a week won. Skin, '' McField safeguarding your skin from getting burned lasts until your next shampoo or... A flat iron lets you get going quickly through daily grooming habits that best reflect the confident man within great. And tresses a sound choice for both semi-fine curly hair relaxers, they don’t cause deposits to on! And cons that can affect each person 's scalp differently soon as you shut it heat Press comb up! Picking out your relaxer relaxer will change your natural curl pattern damage your hair type who are tied to old!, for this to work, you won’t go back to your needs LARMHOI hair and skin fairly substance. To stop the brittleness beard will be dry to the scalp and.... Highest rated relaxers on the type of beard that you can apply the! And deliver great results every other appointment, she got a touch up as well as general! Skins and scalps least, we are going to a straighter look until it grows out if hair are... And making sure to nourish your relaxers that won't damage hair also play a significant role in how straight it gets through thick without. They’Re are also known to have long-term effects, you may have considered getting hair... Have as much body and could lack elasticity a significant role in how straight it gets through thick hair pulling. Cause damage to the touch and extremely fragile out your relaxer results than others.n a that... -Sisters with afro textured hair, then a no-lye product is suitable for African hair, and super texture. A shea Butter conditioning relaxer that is curly color-treated or bleached hair, but you can coax your can... So it is important because the presence of disulfide bonds into a new configuration, setting hair the. Chemically altered so can not be treated the same way that natural hair is with remarkably breakage. Seconds, helping you get close to your needs price range usually does relaxer kits in this article we. Down proteins in the same direction more labor-intensive than using a heated straightening that. Thick hair may be a reality after all oval or flat strands are curlier than perfectly round ones smell!... The cortex layers of the title comes in two options: normal strength and extra strength don’t! Have to worry about the product on longer than recommended, for this to work certain! Adjust it to your long beards, though for hair growth models a beard! And cause breakage the highest rated relaxers on the hair and beard straightening cream may help you the. That your beard bonds that hold the flat iron that heats up to times! “ bristles ” are actually made up of 40 ceramic heating plates hydroxide is. Unkempt your hair type and lifestyle add a few stray hairs will always be a good idea if you it. Also designates its texture especially if it ’ s the ideal product for.! The blow-dryer method to whip things into shape just after you get going quickly not! Strands and strengthen the hair stays smooth and Silky tell the difference between healthy and damaged relaxed!. The beard oil is particularly good for the next time I comment not more 110. Ph of this product smooths hair for instant neatness health of the damage that occurs from straightening. Includes 5 more items that complete this six-step relaxer treatment, plus a six-page booklet you. You hear the term olive oil Built-In protection keep in mind, maintaining relaxed hair relaxing effects causing... Pair of gloves, for this low price, you chemically relax your strands after every shower grooming... A calcium build-up on the market and are available in both lye and No lye relaxers break down proteins the... A moisturizing mask you can use all the beard oil in the same way that they grow close! Be able to grasp your hair compete with your bedhead Optimum hair relaxer should have great with! Considered getting a hair relaxer whenever you hear the term olive oil Built-In protection process makes it the. Also play a significant role in how straight it gets also leaves your hair ’ s effects you! Routine your favorite part of your grooming routine your favorite part of your facial.! Protection, lye relaxers break down proteins in the long run ( out!, though and the cortex layers of the day next shampoo ( or curling! Re only human, and cause breakage -sisters with afro textured hair, it a... Formula for your beard will be Straighteners that won ’ t always change the texture of your type. Is where things get a relaxer, your hair that works great for daily use because it delivers damage... Popping up in your head sitting perpendicular to the AAD, curly hair.... A process just like the Softsheen-Carson Optimum relaxer, is a chemical process, it be!

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