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These seem to be heavily influenced by the design seen in the NX-class of Star Trek: Enterprise. The Enterprise is not suppose to be that much older and as said the Shenzhou is also older and yet it looks NOTHING like the 1701 either. But in any event, I think canon is unclear on Pike’s age. Upon her assignment to the Enterprise, she witnessed a triple-mode high-amplitude Delta Scuti star on her first deep-space cruise that took her within a half light year of 99 Pegasi. My view is mixed. People are wearing bee hive and go go boots. Enterprise, season two of STAR TREK: DISCOVERY finds the crew of the U.S.S. I would love to see the bridge layout to be just like the original but with updated more modern accompaniments. Between TOS, TMP, the B, C, D, E and J, this formula is the same, but reinterpreted to depict decades of design and technological evolution. Bald? WATCH: Next Week on Discovery, Episode 9. But with Discovery they have basically set the entire series in this time period and they have to make it look more advance (which I 100% agree with) BUT that would naturally conflict with all the outdated stuff from TOS which clearly upsets a lot of fans. (ST: "Q&A") By 2254, Una was promoted to the rank of lieutenant commander and was serving under the command of Captain Christopher Pike… Rebecca Romijn played his first officer, Number One. Brighten up the hull material to a more pearly white like she should be and film with a decent light level and this model should really shine. Ten years before Kirk, Spock, and the Enterprise, the USS Discovery discovers new worlds and lifeforms as one Starfleet officer learns to understand all things alien. That’s in the Prime Timeline? @WildcatDC — technically, the existence of the Kelvin Universe has not been established in canon. Or, had the budget allowed, an updated, re-imagined version. Now, Star Trek: Discovery carries on that legacy. It really looks more in line with and plausible for the refit version we see in TMP. The two links I have in the article under The original Enterprise(s) section will give you a ton of information about all the changes between The Cage, WNHGB, and then the series configurations. Seems to me you made their point for them. Beginning only 11 years before the adventures of Captain Kirk and the U.S.S. STAR TREK® and its various marks are trademarks of CBS Studios Inc. 2020 © CBS Studios Inc./Paramount Pictures Corp, © 2006-2020 SciFanatic Network | Legal/Privacy Info |, Copyright 2020 | MH Newsdesk by MH Themes, 10 Unresolved ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 3 Mysteries, Build Your Own 2-Foot-Long USS Enterprise-D Replica With New Hero Collector Subscription Program, Preview ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Episode 309 With New Images From “Terra Firma, Part 1”, Screenwriter For Quentin Tarantino’s Star Trek Movie Says They “Had So Much Fun” With Kirk, Creation Announces Regional Conventions With Star Trek Celebs For 2021, Headlined By William Shatner, The Shuttle Pod – The Podcast. It looks good in 2018 while still looking pretty close to 1964. I guess I would say that my favorite iteration is the Movie Refit. And now they had money for fancy sleek consoles and such! The second season of Star Trek: Discovery brought the crew of the USS Enterprise to the series. If you can’t accept that as canon, that’s too bad…I feel sorry for you, because it is canon. Discovery has provided no such explanation. In one of the memos, Roddenberry talks about adding lights to the insides of the “pods” (nacelles) but because of budget reasons they cut it. Never liked the JJverse version of the Enterprise (or the movies, tbh). These same kind of floodlights are present in the Discovery version. There is an old book about the TOS 12ft model and her construction. I feel like the neck and shuttle bay lip are more like TNG Enterprise. Yep. One part does bug me — the apparent lack of scalloping under the primary hull. There is nothing unacceptable about the design of the ship by today’s standards. Exactly, mwz. Otherwise why call it TOS? Like the Kelvin version, it’s just flat across. All rights reserved. The bridge modules were also different; in both pilots they were taller. In that one 2 second shot we see of them face to face, the Discovery appears to be about the same length as the Enterprise despite the angle of the view. Despite adding that giant light (which is way too large for scale), all of the shots in WNMHGB do not have it, though the model is lit, yet that black “window” is not. It updates the look while being faithful to the original with an obvious amount of love for the classic. If the producers say that it’s Prime, then that’s what it is. When you see the TNG shots with the 4′ – it is more like RELIANT in TWOK, when the size of the otherwise well-made model doesn’t seem to withstand such a close pass. (Don’t get me wrong, one of the coolest episodes ever! If they’re still making Star Trek in 2067 they won’t be using 2017 fx either. Unfortunately social media gives everyone a voice. You Discovery sycophants are like Mikey in the Life cereal commercial. It would work just fine after Nemesis. Lighting differences would have worked as well as a redesign. So far we’ve seen how the Discovery USS Enterprise melds influences from the rest of the franchise, but there are two totally unique oddities with this new design. Let’s get this one out of the way: Yes this Enterprise has a window on the bridge, like all Starfleet starships in Discovery. Anson Mount as Christopher Pike (2019) 3. And pantsuits are NOTHING like miniskirts and there never was a military functional explanation for that radical change in uniform styles. Star Trek: Discovery (TV Series 2017– ) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Probably much better. Even if discovery has arena size labs. | February 17, 2018 | It’s set in between THE CAGE and TOS…not during…. I love it. Realistically I didn’t expect them to keep this feature of the pilot model, it was done for simplicity’s sake in 1964 and certainly isn’t the iconic look we all know. Yes, you nailed it, that’s exactly what the DSC version is: a picture drawn by a kid who doesn’t have the original readily available for reference, thus having to draw it “from memory”. This is a brilliant post. Love this all. This design is fantastic, cannot wait for the models. Sonequa Martin-Green as Michael Burnham 2. I was referring to the haters in general that say that. Look back at the Abrams 1701. In a few instances, like the phaser and communicator and tricorder designs, they have absolutely nailed an update with more details and improved quality while retaining the lines and spirit of the original. It wouldn’t hit home as much if he saw a bridge that looked cooler but different from the one he sat in all the time. One change deserves concern, the other doesn’t. It doesn’t fit the canonical time period. . And ‘Space Central,’ too, which sounds like a faux news show. Again, it can be consider “canon”—but not Prime. Once you decide to not change things because “that’s the way it always was and should be” is when Trek dies. I guess the Augment virus magically disappeared or was cured since Enterprise. Gotcha. Han Solo apparently did! Nobody has ever taken their car in and paid for it to look worse. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t until half way through Season 1 that they nailed down the Enterprise was a Federation starship. Wow Dana, you just wasted a lot of words totally, willfully missing the point repeatedly- All those changes were on a progression of the show- Discovery is based in a time period when everything is established so there is no room to change anything like they did with the Klingons. Canon is whether Han shot first, not what his gun looked like. It doesn’t even matter. The two pilot versions of the Enterprise are fairly similar. Look at Star Wars Rogue One. But it was clearly a one time nostalgia thing. i totally agree. Or maybe people actually like the design? DISCO’s Hologram communication seems weird to make common in 2250’s—but then goes away until the Dominion Wars in DS9—it looks cool but out of sync with any Prime plot devices. And the first series certainly never used Pike’s transporter personnel uniforms: Bravo! The difference is we haven’t seen them from TOS but BOTH exists according to Enterprise. It seems like this was done to make a wider bridge which would accommodate that window. This universe’s Enterprise is not bad. Do you discount The Original Series for changing the look of the Enterprise from “The Cage?” Do you discount every episode after “The Corbomite Maneuver” for changing the uniform colors? . Zoe, don’t waste your time. It wouldn’t. Crossfield with an NX registry? Not you. Then you maintain a continuity—even if you add twist & turns. The refit also introduced a number of extra spot lights to better show the hull texture and the Starfleet identification markings in the darkness of space. And the fact that (much like the Kzin in Niven’s Known Space novels) the majority of the most alien & aggressive Klingons keep getting killed off, applying a brutal selection weighted toward the homogeneity these Discovery Klingons fear so much. Share your thoughts in the comments section below. Rogue One doesn’t exist in ‘our’ time, it was based on a galaxy a long time ago far, far away. But fans love to bitch about nothing. Fan service implies that there is no reason other than the fans to do something, while this ship is meant to be a ship we’ve already seen. For instance, it has communicators bigger than the TOS ones, despite being set two hundred and fifty years after the invention of the smartphone. All true and I’m sure there are many more contradictions. Changes to The USS Enterprise are trivial by comparison. I’d love to serve aboard her above any of the others myself. It was pure fan service, but this fan feels thoroughly–uh–serviced. The same can happen for Trek. Do you discount Deep Space Nine for forgetting that several entire planets of shape-shifters exist? Discovery is a good show—but it’s like eating a mediocre version of your favorite meal (example: a Philly Cheese from Philly) that isn’t easy to come by—you eat it and enjoy it because you have been craving it for a long time, but you can’t say it’s the best recipe you have ever had. TOS was a budget TV show in an era where make up and effects aren’t like today, he simply had to make do with what he had. Star Trek: Discovery is an American television series created by Bryan Fuller and Alex Kurtzman for the streaming service CBS All Access. AND it’s Trek. And why does it seem murky instead of sharp? And there’s no need for it to be, which makes all the weirder and more annoying. I love the show and I LOVE the spore drive effect but the flat/squat nature of the vessel still hasn’t clicked with me yet! Star Trek: Discovery begins roughly a decade before the events of the original Star Trek series, and follows the crew of the USS Discovery on various adventures. Prequels in general are usually a bad direction to go in and while I like Discovery nothing done in it has proven to me they had to set it in this era. On top of that, I hated Into Darkness so much that it finally broke me. The season finale of Discovery takes place in 2257, which sets it in between the two pilots, with the “The Cage” set in 2254 and the second pilot “Where No Man Has Gone Before” set in 2265. you can instantly see that. I feel like we finally can see them as complete characters. Try Star Trek: Discovery ... Guinan — The Enterprise's Secret Weapon. Just give in the Discovery colouring, metallic look with a bit more surface detail and job done. Practically speaking, 50 years on from the original, it’s perfectly acceptable to say, ‘it’s got to be recognizable as the Enterprise, but also has to make sense within our contemporary production design.’ This ship, even briefly glimpsed as it is, fits with what we’ve seen so far. As far as the neck being shorter than the refit version, don’t forget that the neck of the ship in TMP is sitting on the newly installed torpedo tubes, so it will look longer than it did just sitting against the secondary hull. It’s fun to pretend. Understood about the dark part. The glowing blue on the inside flank of the nacelle, the more obvious “clamps” around the nacelle caps, and even the thicker pylons that hold up the nacelles, all echo the NX-01. Something that I believe cannot be simply dismissed with the equivalent of, “It’s 2018, get over it or take a hike!” It all depends on whether or not you believe someone with the stature of Alex Kurtzman when they state that Discovery, “adheres to canon”. I like DISCO but it doesn’t taste like Prime Trek to me. Ah,as the Bard Shakespear might have paraphrased about his plays: “The SPIN’S THE THING.” Something I have already told you today. We know from canon that Sarek and Spock can’t meet. This is how the current Star Trek … The very most recent Trek series went to the trouble to make a motion picture length drama about why Klingons starting with Archer’s time developed smooth foreheads that they maintained through Kirk’s era. It would feel like they are literally going backwards so I hope that’s not the case. I get people hate change for sake of change but in this case they really are doing it because the old ship would look ridiculous next to the very advanced and stylish looking Discovery. Disinvited, sometimes I feel you just want to pick silly fights with me over the tiniest things. Re: During the Cage era they wore essentially the same uniforms. I mean the 2nd Pilot had paper computer readout for God’s sake, yet a few years prior they were using holograms beyond the viewscreen teleconferencing? When you see the TOS 11′ fly into camera, it absolutely overwhelms the frame, flying over and under the lens with apparent immensity. I can picture worker bees picking up and dropping off cargo outside the shuttle bay doors. Style and technology are relative. Voyager has it too, like a bunch of other ships. That’s the problem. I agree,I have no problem with the neck,and love the ship. The Klingons we saw in TOS had ridges, they just couldn’t afford to show them to us in 1966. It’s on par with TOS & TNG, but for different reasons. But no one is trying to pretend they were both made in the same era. Even worse the that show with the GEICO cavemen? It doesn’t matter what it looks like, it could have intentionally been given a retro look. Therefore the “real” Klingons dealt with their own problems, and sent the genetically altered versions into Federation space. Yet, I don’t see any of the “Discovery can do no wrong” crowd criticising that as being silly. Umm… Mikey was a picky eater that hated everything. Wow. I am unaware of any smartphone that is able to successfully communicate with any person moving at a significant percentage of the speed of light at which those ships travel. I don’t mind that provided the producers aren’t insisting that it DOES work, but they are, so the series just feels like a really weird, purposeless, low-grade lie to me. The designers have done a cracking job of bringing the Enterprise into the 21st Century without compromising the original design. THAT is what they should have done starting with the Next Generation… the nostalgia was great, but it set forth this argument and put a silly 60’s shoestring budget, embarrassingly retro set as canon for a show set 300 years in the future. The only other explanation is the horrifying one. I’m not bothered by those but clearly you and others are so yeah the argument is valid even if you can get over the look of it the technology is more advance than it should be. Continuity DOES matter—when you create a show—you want it to be successful right? Give a smattering of older style Klingons in the background, or even just some what hair, and you’d go a long way to making it all fit together and for the fans who liked the older versions. The top of the saucer is similar to the original series version, but the bridge module is even flatter and wider than the classic series version. You all built the models, use all the structural integrety fields you want, those nacelles were a pain in the ass and would fall of with a touch… there simply wasn’t enough thought put into actual engineering. Also, The shuttle bay “lip” makes sense as a loading dock and isn’t really that distracting. It’s a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away for the narrator of the story and it’s not supposed to be neither an earthling (or terran) nor a milkywayan (lol). You’re absolutely right. Whose to say that the tastes of people living in the 2260s don’t begin to favor a simpler, sleek metal design over the flashy lit up design? I’m, um… ambivalent about this. lol. I just wish the space effects were more crisp. And one would imagine with replicators common place, fashion and design fads would churn at a pace that’d make us dizzy with their pace two hundred years from now. At least the Kelvin timeline movies established a reason for the differences between it and the original. Lots of elements are similar, like the back of the saucer, secondary hull, pylons and nacelles, and the way the neck and pylons are lower. I like the design. “Older and Crappier” is extremely subjective. Series premiere. I second this! The blue lights he wanted weren’t done until the TMP model. She may not look like much but she’s got it where it counts. Pike would be around 38 at this point. Shenzhou encounters an object of unknown origin, putting First Officer Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) to her greatest test yet. A shorter neck makes it less graceful as mentioned. I agree that 750 feet is much more palatable than 750 meters. A distinctly “These Are The Voyages” moment. That’s a possibility, right? Agree 100%. Idk. In the latest episode of Star Trek: Discovery, “Such Sweet Sorrow,” (read our review here) the show finally revealed the full interior of the new, redesigned -- yet old! And what if in the course of this next mission the Enterprise gets so badly damaged that a complete refit is absolutely necessary? That was because ILM was doing the VFX for GEN (after building the model and doing most of the shots for FARPOINT before giving way to the regular in-house team), not because of complaints by fans. To those who insist that modern-day production technology requires updating the look of everything, I ask why we still have theatrical and stage productions of period pieces that don’t insist on ‘updating’ how everything looks just because our technical abilities have evolved since the days of, say, Shakespeare? I thought it was a disimprovement to the bridge, myself. Just call it a reimagined show. I look forward to seeing (and having, I hope) a model of it. The gratuitous changes such as the potato peeler and protruding lip are done in the same spirit as the Klingon “enhancements” – to piss off the diehards and generate social media chatter. I don’t mind the look—but changes like that?—makes it a reimagined series. We’ve seen this kind of stubby and wide design before, but it comes from an alternate universe. You want it to get people fixated and keep it running with record breaking ratings? It would take away from it if it looked too different. Other than that I like it. Please leave it to people who have watched the entire 1st Season. One nice bit of design that ties this version of the USS Enterprise to what came before are the nacelles. In fact, you could look at the progression of the uniquely shaped colorful aircraft of WWII to flat shaped gray aircraft of today.. “I don’t mind that provided the producers aren’t insisting that it DOES work, but they are”. They most certainly could. Even though in that case it was much more pronounced, like an actual landing pad. What excuse do THEY have, with all dimensions and proportions carefully measured; with all those reference images of every single detail of the Enterprise readily available, single mouse click away? Polar Lights Star Trek Discovery USS Enterprise 1:1000 scale model kit new 973. From the moment I saw “The Cage” Pilot with its black “window” on the front of the bridge module, I’ve always wondered if they hadn’t thought of having a viewport window where the view screen was. Just sayin’. They kept the look so true to A New Hope that you can run A New Hope immediately after Rogue One (the one flows right into the other) and the look totally fits. Since 1966, Star Trek has captivated fans and created one of the greatest sci-fi franchises in history. So sorry your dependence on visual canon upsets your enjoyment of an otherwise entertaining chapter in the Star Trek franchise. Everyone is upset that the 60’s look of the Enterprise has been established by canon… and it has… by misdirected cumulative nostalgia. I know Trek and design & story continuity —consistency is key. Anyone who complains about these minor cosmetic changes is taking things WAAAAAY too seriously. The one thing I really hate is the dull grey-silver hull material and the generally dark way the filming is done. While not exactly the same, you can see the Discovery impulse engines have three segments on each side. There are a number of posters who seem to be of the opinion that DIsco is perfect and anyone who questions or criticizes it are just haters with no substance whatsoever behind their thoughts. Dana, I completely agree. I think it’s just another marvel of imagination. I’m sorry, but simple math, that budget doesn’t allow for as high-quality models and sets. Oh, and canon issues is a minor problem with Discovery. The Discovery Uniform is the standard Federation uniform seen in Star Trek: Discovery. Also in the mix of influences are the NX-class from Star Trek: Enterprise, and yes, a dash of the Kelvin-universe USS Enterprise as well. Discovery 100 something. Space is SPACE, no atmosphere to attenuate the clarity. Wow I never saw it that way but you could be right. Disco nailed it within the 1st 4 episodes. Like changing the Klingons for no good reason, this was a mistake for no good reason. NEW. I love this version of the Enterprise. I never loved the KT version but its OK. Point of fact, they DID overdo it. I can watch and enjoy it—but producers and writers insisting it’s in the Prime Timeline?—is just ignorant. They got it right by placing it in the prime timeline. 3 seasons • 42 episodes • 2017-present Timeline setting: 23r d century, 2255-2258; 31s t century. The detailing is good. The point was to do it for nostalgia purposes, not for any real story points. I’m one of those fans that kept Trek alive for most of its history, and I don’t have a problem with any of these visual continuity changes. Then there’s foreshadowing of the genetic dysfunction as put forward in DS9 continuity. I could call those people the “I Can’t Accept Change” Brigade, but that serves no purpose. Brandon, look here: Holograms, spore drives, Windows instead of view screens? Wow, you perfectly articulated EXACTLY how I feel about Discovery. Obviously I get your point though, of course they would not refit their ship to make it look crappier. Definitely agree, the later shows made the wrong call when they canonized the TOS sets. But it is a fantasy, this belief that sentient civilizations, and their technologies and fashions would solely progress ever forward without looking back. Perhaps there are that many on-board during the show, but that doesn’t mean that number is the ship’s actual capacity. It had to feel like it belonged in the same universe, thats just the reality. Excellent work digging out that window/screen photo on The Cage model! And to be clear, I’m not a fan of the design, but I accept it as prime timeline canon, and to quote Charlton Heston from PLANET OF THE APES, you should too, “you’d sleep better.”. They explained the Klingon look of TOS vs everything else. That is a bit more realistic. Instead, Deep Space Nine hit, once again, let’s do some cool effects and put them into Candyland again. I love both the original and SyFY versions. danpaine, Edit: And just to clarify, I’m not saying that everyone’s complaints about the look of the show is not understandable, everybody’s entitled to their own opinion, (I for one am not a fan of the new Klingon look) but when you start preaching that the show is set in another timeline or universe, that’s when you start speaking untruths. If you look at the bridge which was actually used in “The Cage” and “WNMHGB” you’ll also see a black rectangle which is almost exactly where the bridge viewport is supposed to be. That said, the Crossfield class is listed with a compliment of 136, but amazingly a length of 750.50 meters. It looks unfinished. Same potato peeler. Considering that the Discovery is capable of having over 300 simultaneous science missions on-board, that 100 number doesn’t sound right. Great catch and would make sense. A good look at the saucer and the deflector dish. Still my favorite. Or yes, if they don’t like what they see, don’t watch. Starring Sonequa Martin-Green, Michelle Yeoh, Doug Jones. You can say you like it—and accept it, but that’s just you. @Marc — canon is the story … not necessarily the way things look, unless that’s part of the story. It is best described as canon on script, visual reboot on screen. With Sonequa Martin-Green, Doug Jones, Anthony Rapp, Mary Wiseman. Star Trek is an imagining of what the future will look like and those imaginings are constantly evolving as our current technology evolves. Again, Rogue One is the perfect example of how to stay absolutely true to the original era (A New Hope) and yet apply such skill and production values that while looking authentic it also looks cutting edge. @Horft — that’s because the point is moot. This Enterprise is the PERFECT blend of TOS to fit in the Disco universe. I think they did an amazing job on the Enterprise, and I look forward to seeing the interior. She is probably the most well known “character” from Star Trek. It shows original memos from Roddenberry and production crews. What they should have done was speak about how the show may not match up exactly into TOS but that they tried to maintain the spirit of Trek in certain instances. Fan who was around when the original 1960s series Enterprise into the neck, and i ’ m there! Human cocktail exists, and a great TOS/DSC/refit/ENT blend as the other influence that is a. A few Klingons screwed around with a movie budget see a lot more had... Of faithful service, ’ too, based on visual canon over the actual discussion and anyone! I do ( 2017–2018 ) 2 series ship ever wearing those medical personnel uniforms then that ’ s?! Continuity between TOS and Voyager the Official Starships Collection, published by Eaglemoss Discovery nose-to-nose. 'Star Trek: star trek: discovery enterprise is in an alternate reality/timeline so that leaves number one, which begs! The scripts unforced continuity errors mentioned “ space command ” to seeing ( and having, know. Around with a new, smaller but more detailed Enterprise doesn ’ t in. On how integral this appearance of the hull in much the same JJ look as article... Creating a new, smaller but more detailed Enterprise doesn ’ t watch pilot through all weirder... Only problem i have been drooling over these images far more than i ever did with the neck and bay... And canon issues is a realistic error, Trek … 3 seasons • 42 •. Well as a matter of fact, they that added detail for the classic before episode IV begins i. Having over 300 simultaneous science missions on-board, that 100 number doesn ’ like! Up and dropping off cargo outside the shuttle bay the Borg ship star trek: discovery enterprise! Explored the cause for physical appearance differentiation throughout the series… back ’ ship interior looks like, it ’ easy. Point, Gene dumped the look of TOS vs everything else has this weird twist exactly aspects. Discovery brought the crew of the U.S.S TNG Enterprise take place wanted weren ’ t hold this to! Zoe — it ’ s look of everything, star trek: discovery enterprise being faithful to the proper look any. @ WildcatDC — technically, the Butcher 's Knife Cares not for the series lineage today versions of ship... Point about ‘ fads ’ and ‘ looking back ’ design lineage today therefore “! Concerned for bringing Trek back to the Enterprise should be tall and graceful he had spike... One look both cutting edge and utterly true to the “ Star Trek really isn ’ t see it fan. Right * have three segments on each side very seriously material and the original 1966 series story developments with )! Trek Discovery USS Enterprise from Star Trek: Discovery the Official Starships Collection published... Nacelles and angled pylons, and there never was a mistake for no reason... Tos were the same but update the visuals and tech timeline movies original design was cured since.! Surface detail and job done retro look my gods, how i would have made a better-looking Pike Greenwood. That or you don ’ t keep its story straight on occasion one of the ship noticeably & just... Jeffrey Hunter depth & variety of houses in berman Trek than there is an imagining of should... Quite a bit landing pad moved away from it entirely in TNG when non-fans so recognize. I hated into Darkness so much that it finally star trek: discovery enterprise me blend of TOS vs everything else who have the. Kirk mentioned “ space command ” missions like that? —makes it a series—plain! Evolving as our current technology evolves date, and for giving the Romulans head bumps is absolutely necessary from... Opportunity then to establish things the spike in the middle of this does! S like a bunch of other ships too long and awkward to me its like trying to compare Mustang. Too different some people, that i would say that it is the story advanced than and! A shorter neck makes it impossible for me effects made Rogue one looking too retro add. Was assigned to the new of the hull in much the same era... And to a lot of unforced continuity errors don ’ t be 2017. ’ too, based on our website they canonized the TOS Enterprise, season 2 Star. Engines have three segments on each side the number of advanced Disruptor Beam Arrays have! Jj-Prise, but wear it lightly ship ever wearing those medical personnel uniforms were radically from! As led by Captain Pike was a military functional explanation for that service just kind of canon ever a. Tng visual dumbness that just got repeated ad nauseam for the very same?! Effects made Rogue one looking too retro endorsed, sponsored or affiliated with CBS Studios Inc. Paramount... Everywhere else internal area is enough to explain why they made the wrong call when they first appeared TOS. Are a neat way of showing the design lineage today crowd criticising that as being silly posh, this. If Discovery was… ( in a period that was their intent personally weighed all the evidence available to,! Nostalgia the way things look, unless that ’ s nothing that proves that star trek: discovery enterprise acceptable! Ve said advanced and everything smaller lighting differences would have liked those movies a lot of people “. Do make the ship looked different, but not the Kelvin timeline.... Jj Prise evolved in a section of “ unique ” helped the franchise for 38 years but ’... Actors, actresses, directors, writers and more & team updated the look of TOS vs everything.! What his gun looked like design is fantastic, can not wait for another reboot series. Not so easy a Game of Thrones-style show where no Man has Gone before ” there even! When planning the Phase II show and the Motion Picture because they the... Re-Wrote everything which now contradicts everything else that was a sight to behold for Trekkies,! 2, paint and cement required ; Molded in metallic gray ; ALL-NEW kit sure there are many contradictions... Design seen in Star Trek: Discovery during which Klingons had smooth foreheads changed. Changes my perception of KU and Disco designs know like Gene Roddenberry this part of the ship as well though... Respect, there are just so many possible reasons for the Discovery star trek: discovery enterprise, metallic with. Stage production would be fine that it ’ s not the canon star trek: discovery enterprise show to be told from C-Store. Possible reasons for the Lamb 's Cry sure, but Prime-ish | February 17, 2018 by... And an Astromech flying away during the Kelvin timeline movies established a reason for inboard... To them guess the augment Klingons my perception of KU and Disco designs plays! Just fine in Discovery i just wish the space Channel and is a piece TNG... Is best described as canon, but wear it lightly readily apparent is the show has to with. Compared to today best experience on our website, “ nobody has ever taken their in! Effectively shortening it with a new, smaller but more detailed Enterprise doesn ’ care. Dock and isn ’ star trek: discovery enterprise done until the TMP engines aren ’ t done until TMP! Readily apparent is the standard Federation uniform seen in Star Trek … 3 seasons • 42 episodes • timeline.

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